Affordable Oil Change Service Near Gahanna, OH


Oil Change Service Savings Near Gahanna, OH

You need regular oil changes for your car to run as smoothly as possible. Since the oil change schedule varies, you may not know you already need an oil change. If you haven’t had an oil change for a long time, your car is most likely running with dirty oil.

Dirty oil can clog up your oil filters. It can also accelerate the deterioration of engine parts. Because contaminated oil cannot effectively lubricate moving engine parts, it causes your engine to age faster. Your engine may eventually fail if you skip oil changes.

There’s no reason for you to skip oil changes if you’re from Gahanna, OH. You can bring your vehicle to Lindsay Buick GMC. Our service center is in Columbus, OH, which is near your location.

When Do You Need Oil Change Service?

Below are some of the signs that it’s time for you to get an oil change:

Engine Noises

Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine to prevent them from rubbing against each other. But if your engine oil is dirty, it can’t lubricate your engine sufficiently. As a result, engine noises will increase as the moving parts stop gliding smoothly over one another. When you hear engine noises, you should take it as a sign that you need to get an oil change.

Excessive Smoke

Modern vehicles emit a relatively small amount of exhaust. And the smoke they produce is translucent. You should make it a habit to check the amount of smoke coming from your exhaust. If you see excessive exhaust smoke, you need to get an oil change.

A Burning Smell

Does it smell like something is burning inside your vehicle? If you do, you probably have inadequate engine oil. The motor oil is responsible for keeping your engine cool. Too little engine oil causes your engine to overheat and emit a burning smell.

A burning smell can also mean that you have an oil leak, which is a major problem that requires prompt attention. Schedule maintenance immediately if you notice a burning smell inside your automobile.

Dark Thick Oil

Fresh engine oil is amber in color and translucent. Engine oil becomes dark and thick because of the particles it collects as it passes through the different parts of your engine. It’s essential to check your oil regularly to see changes in its color and texture.

Before you check your oil, you should turn off your engine first. You should check your oil using the dipstick. Apart from the color and texture of the oil, you should also check the oil level. If your oil is on or below the low mark and if it’s dark and gritty, it’s time for you to get an oil change.

Don’t ignore the signs above. Doing so can lead to bigger and costlier problems. Schedule service immediately with Lindsay Buick GMC near Gahanna, OH, if you require an oil change.

Schedule Oil Change Service at Lindsay Buick GMC

Lindsay Buick GMC offers affordable oil change service near Gahanna, OH. You can check out the auto service coupons on our website to save more money. Call or message us if you want to schedule a service.

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